Innovative Design 

I design jewelry from an artist's point of view, drawing upon my love of beads & metal and my knowledge of beadwork history & technique to generate beautiful, wearable, affordable pieces. I like to juxtapose simple forms with complex textures and surface finishes. When it comes to color, I'm interested in unexpected combinations. 

Attention to detail

I invest in quality materials and spend the time it takes to get a piece right. Some would call it obsessiveness; I call it attention to detail. I want my pieces to last for generations. It probably goes back to my Swedish grandmother, an expert seamstress and braided wool rug maker, who taught me stitch by stitch to attend to detail. 

HAndMade in America

In these days of objects mass-produced by anonymous makers, it's refreshing to know that artists still make things by hand in America, one piece at a time in small workshop settings. I am one such artist. With the help of two or three assistants depending upon the time of year, I create each piece in my studio in Evanston, IL. One bead at a time. For 27 years.