june 5.5 tapered spiral overall.jpg
Tapered Sterling Spiral
jan 17.55 beehive another view.jpg
Open Hexagonal Pyramid of Sterling Silver
elements three spheres on white detail may 25 2016.jpg
Three Medium Sterling Spheres
from 85.00
ss dome detail june 11.jpg
Large Lacy Hemisphere Pendant in Sterling Silver
ss new five sphere combo on white.jpg
Five Graduated Sterling Silver Spheres
from 95.00
june 3.5 lattice image 1.jpg
Three-Dimensional Complex Lattice & Friends
from 35.00
june 5.5 sterling oval overall.jpg
Large Sterling Oval
elements ss windowpane diagonal detail on white.jpg
Elongated Sterling Windowpane / Round Sterling Accent Bead
from 12.00
complex ss sphere better images.jpg
Small Three-Layer Sphere in Sterling Silver
elements ss medium icosa detail on white.jpg
Medium Starry Sphere
june 6.6 ss windowpane overall.jpg
Sterling Silver Square Windowpane
Sterling Hemisphere and ball detail aug 5.jpg
Sterling Open Hemisphere & Large Sterling Bead
from 30.00
aug 10 better two windowpanes no quarter.jpg
Faceted Sterling Windowpane Elements
from 565.00
spiral 1 horizontal.jpg
Small Sterling Silver Spiral / Round Bead Accent
from 15.00
ss spiral and ss icosa detail on white june 1.jpg
Small Sterling Silver Spiral & Medium Starry Sphere
from 210.00
aug 28.5 ss sphere.jpg
Large Sterling Complex Sphere
sterling wheel and ball detail aug 5.jpg
Little Sterling Wheel, Large Sterling Bead & Friends
from 30.00
aug 28.5 ss mini kite.jpg
Sterling Mini-Kite Pendant
red slice flat oval smaller image size aug 5.jpg
Sterling Flat Oval, Red Square Lattice, Large Sterling Bead
from 30.00
new quartet of elements feb 4 2017.jpg
Airy Spring Quartet
from 45.00
red ladder, wheel, ball detail aug 5.jpg
Red Ladder Lattice, Sterling Silver Wheel, Large Sterling Bead
from 30.00
small red cube, ss tumbleweed, etc. detail.jpg
Small Red Cube Lattice, Sterling Smalll Tumbleweed & Friends
from 30.00
Pointed oval pendant detail on its side feb 4.jpg
Pointed Oval Lattice Element
red complex and tumbleweed detail aug 5.jpg
Red & Black Complex 3-Layer Sphere & Friends
from 195.00
large red oval on diagonal use this one.jpg
Large Red Oval and Small Hematite Cluster
from 30.00
red spirals turq detail on white.jpg
Large Red Spiral
red step wheel ball detail frontal aug 5.jpg
Red Triangular Lattice, Sterling Wheel, Large Sterling Bead
from 30.00
red and turq spiral combo on white.jpg
Large Red & Turquoise Spirals in Various Combinations
from 15.00
turq red combo 5 element june 11.jpg
Chunky Red Sphere & Friends
from 15.00
red octahedron detail no quarter aug 4.jpg
Big Red Octahedron
turq spiral horiz may 25 2016.jpg
Small Mottled Turquoise Spiral & Friends
from 15.00
persian blue june 11.jpg
Coppery Persian Turquoise Sphere
elements big oval lapis detail on white.jpg
Large Oval in Sepia-Edged Lapis
turq combo detail no quarter cropped june 11.jpg
Turquoise, Periwinkle, Hematite & Friends
from 15.00
aqua 8mm 5 x 5 on white detail.jpg
Gold-Edged Aqua Sphere
elements pillow turquoise detail on white.jpg
Large Pillow in Opalescent Turquoise
element montana blue oval detail june 10.jpg
Large Oval in Greyish Blue
june 5.5 white flower overeall.jpg
Opalescent Dusty White Flower
elements small oval turq detail on white.jpg
Small Oval in Opalescent Turquoise
large aqua oval on diag.jpg
Large Copper-Edged Aqua Oval and Small Hematite Sphere
from 30.00
aug 6 five brown white elements.jpg
Five Brown, Black & Grey Elements, to Wear Singly or in Combination
from 95.00
elements small oval black detail on white.jpg
Small Oval in Matte Jet Black
aug 8 maroon kite grey sphere detail use this one.jpg
Coppery Rose Kite & Friends
from 15.00
aug 6 lav sphere detail no quarter.jpg
Coppery Lavender Imperfect Sphere
elements pillow new pink use this.jpg
Large Pillow in Mottled Pink
cart product nkl 3.jpg
Hematite, Lavender, Aurora Boralis Elements
from 95.00
elements pillow hematite detail on white.jpg
Large Pillow in Jet Black & Hematite
cart product nkl 1.jpg
Opalescent Coppery Lavender Large Oval
jan 22.8 lav spiral vertical.jpg
Coppery Lavender Spiral & Friends
from 110.00
kite trio with red.jpg
Khaki Kites & Combinations
from 15.00
agate oval detail on white use this one bette.jpg
Large Oval in Blue-Speckled Agate
from 110.00
june 3.5 seafoam complex sphere.jpg
Large Complex Sphere in Seafoam & Black
aug 8.5 babies long combo detail.jpg
Appealing Combination of Babies and Baby Spheres
from 15.00
elements big oval root beer detail on white.jpg
Large Oval in Green-Speckled Root Beer
agate Round Aug 7.jpg
Agate, Hematite & Pale Blue Blends
from 110.00
aug 28 new new cinnabar slice pendant no quarter.jpg
Cinnabar Slice Mini-Pendant
aug 28 new new new coral diagonal.jpg
Windowpanes in Coral/Grey or Lime/Grey
citron 5 x 5 on white use this.jpg
Copper-Edged Citron Sphere
Magenta Conical Lattice Element detail of feb 4.jpg
Magenta Conical Lattice with Little Silver Sphere
from 45.00
curry cube and friends aug 7.jpg
Copper-Edged Citron Chunky Cube & Friends
from 15.00
large citron oval diagonal white.jpg
Large Copper-Edged Citron Oval and/or Small Hematite Sphere
from 30.00
elements pillow lime detail on white.jpg
Large Pillow in Jet Black & Lime
aug 28.5 two lime cubes with hem sphere.jpg
Lime/Grey Cubes
from 85.00
new babies image use this one.jpg
Babies and Baby Spheres in Beautiful Colors
from 15.00
elements large lime oval detail on white.jpg
Large Oval in Taupe-Edged Lime
aug 6 green flower detail 1.jpg
Lime Green Leaf Element
elements 3mm lime 5 x 6 detail on white.jpg
Small Lacy Sphere in Lime with Red Thread
ochre may 25.jpg
Tawny Ochre Cluster with Accents of Hematite and/or Cherry/Vanilla
from 15.00
golden ivory detail brighter aug 7.jpg
Golden Ivory & Friends
from 15.00
elements pillow red vanilla on white detail.jpg
Large Pillow in Cherry/Vanilla
beige red black trio detail june 11.jpg
Large, Lacy Black Sphere, Sepia-toned Ivory, Red/Vanilla Elements & Friends
from 55.00
elements small oval red vanilla detail on white.jpg
Small Oval in Cherry/Vanilla
three carmens on white june 3.jpg
"Carmen Miranda" Elements
from 45.00