jan 18 ss lotus doublt layer clasp open.jpg
Major Double Layer Sterling Lotus Necklace with Magnetic Clasps
jan 17.55 red ribbon nkl on mannequin.jpg
Red Ribbon Necklace with Magnetic Clasp
jan 16.8 sterling spiral nkl overaell image 2.jpg
Sterling Ribbon Necklace with Magnetic Clasp
jan 21.8 blue alhambra spiral detail.jpg
Reversible Cantilevered Alhambra Broad Collar in Lime & Lapis
aug 5 alhambra green side detail 1.jpg
Reversible Alhambra Segment Necklace in Lime and Lapis
from 405.00
jan 21.88 chain nkl ss 14k.jpg
Chain Necklace in Sterling and 14 Karat Yellow Gold
aug 29.5 hem bead nkl detail showing bead types.jpg
Titanium-Covered-Hematite Minimal Bead Necklaces
from 98.00
aug 29.5 hem baby and cinn baby nkl detail great for ecommerce.jpg
Cinnabar and/or Hematite Minimalist Necklaces - Strung With Tiny, Titanium-Covered Hematite Tubes
from 135.00
jan 21.8 detail of red bead nkl.jpg
Red and Gold Necklace - One of a Kind
jan 21.88 black necklace 1 image 2.jpg
Black Disk Necklaces with Magnetic Clasps
from 245.00
aug 2 black nkl spiral.jpg
Speckled Black Touchstone Glass Bead Necklace
from 265.00
Periwinkle bead necklaces detail 1.jpg
Periwinkle & Hematite Bead Necklaces
from 150.00
aug 2 cinnabar zig zag spiral.jpg
Cinnabar Thin Zig Zag Necklace
from 415.00
aug 9 satin periwinkle lariat overall.jpg
Satin Periwinkle Stellation Lariat
from 285.00
aug 2 pink nkl spiral.jpg
Coppery Pink Champagne Glass Bead Necklace
from 325.00
aug 2 new cyl nkl cropped oval.jpg
Lobed Cylinder Necklace in Soft Neutrals
sold out
baby nkl june 4 red overall.jpg
Minimalist Necklace in Solid Red & Other Beautiful Colors
from 145.00
citron summer 17 group nkl.jpg
Citron Delight Mixed Bead Necklaces
from 165.00
red teardrops two nkls hematite may 31 on white.jpg
Red Teardrop Necklaces with Hematite Accents & Magnetic Sterling Silver Clasps
from 195.00
red teardrop nkl two turq detail on white.jpg
Red Teardrop Necklaces with Turquoise/Hematite Accents & Magnetic Clasps
from 195.00
five drop carmen detail on white june 1.jpg
5-Element "Carmen Miranda" Necklace
from 125.00
pale blue spheres nkl overall.jpg
Opalescent Pale Blue & Hematite Spheres Necklace
from 1,300.00
periwinkle octahedron nkl overall.jpg
Dusty Periwinkle Stellations Necklace
mixed color cluster nkl oval june 10.jpg
Cluster Necklace in Soft Colors
june 4.5 pale blue zig zag nkl overall.jpg
Pale Opalescent Semi-Matte Blue Zig Zag Necklace
from 445.00
june 4.5 mini ss nkl bright side detail.jpg
Reversible Faceted Sterling Mini Lotus Necklace
from 595.00
Necklace Sterling Mixed Clusters.jpg
Medium Sterling Silver Cluster Necklace
from 1,385.00
Necklace ss wheels and spheres lzs june 2015.jpg
Sterling Silver "South Sea" Necklace
Necklace ss lotus on white use this one.jpg
Reversible Sterling Silver "Lotus" Necklace
from 1,450.00
ss major nkl alone june 11 on white.jpg
Large Sterling Silver Cluster Necklace
june 4.5 pink champagne zig zag overall.jpg
Light Pink Champagne Zig Zag Necklace
from 535.00
necklace pink zig zag overall on white.jpg
Zig Zag Necklace in Watermelon Pink with Magnetic Clasp
sold out
necklace 3-drop carmen miranda on white overall.jpg
3-Element "Carmen Miranda" Necklace
from 95.00
lariat agate overall may 26 2016.jpg
Lariat in Agate, Sage, and Cherry/Vanilla
from 265.00
lariat celadon fuschia better detail use this one.jpg
Lariat in Minty Celadon & Rose
from 195.00
lime leaf necklace overall on white.jpg
Paillette Necklace in Silver-Specked Lime
from 95.00
Cinnabar Wrap Necklace new brighter detail.jpg
Cinnabar, Russet & Sterling Lariat Necklace
from 875.00
Red Lariat detail of feb 4 2017.jpg
Red & Silver Lariat
from 295.00
lariat turq fuschia overall on white.jpg
Lariat in Persian Turquoise $ Dark Rose
from 225.00
lariat in ochre better detail use this one.jpg
Lariat in Tawny Ochre & Slate
from 230.00
lariat better pumpkin detail.jpg
Lariat in Pumpkin, Fuschia, & Opalescent Turquoise
from 285.00
lariat coral overall on whtie.jpg
Lariat with Coral, Turquoise & Sterling Silver
from 425.00
lariat ss kite detail on white.jpg
Mini-Kite Lariat in Sterling Silver
from 295.00
Red Cluster Necklace detail of Feb 4 2017.jpg
Red Fan Cluster Necklace
from 205.00
lariat cinnabar kite detail on white.jpg
Lariat with Cinnabar Kite, Minty Celadon & Lavender
from 275.00
lariat lavender hematite detail on white.jpg
Lariat in Lavender & Hematite
from 295.00
lariat complex ss overall on white.jpg
Lariat of Medium Sterling Spheres
from 795.00
lariat large silver detail of may 26 on white.jpg
Lariat with Two Large Sterling Silver Spheres
from 635.00
lariat in grey and sage detail may 27 on white.jpg
Sage, Rose & Slate Gray Lariat
from 365.00
three droplet nkl detail rose may 25.jpg
Three Drop Necklace in Rose, Lavender, Hematite
from 195.00
lariat red octa detail on white.jpg
Three Drop Necklace in Red, Turquoise & Hematite
from 195.00
three drop lariat turq detail may 25.jpg
Three Drop Necklace in Turquoise, Lavender, Hematite
from 195.00
lariat ss windowpane detail on white.jpg
Sterling Silver Windowpane Lariat
from 320.00
persian turq droplet nkl overall on white.jpg
5-Droplet Necklace in Persian Turquoise
from 215.00
persian turq and hematite droplet nkl on white overall.jpg
11-Droplet Necklace in Persian Turquoise & Hematite
from 335.00
pale blue droplet nkl detail on white.jpg
15-Droplet Necklace in Opalescent Palest Blue
from 360.00
necklace droplet lime overall june 10.jpg
15-Droplet Necklace in Lime
from 355.00
necklace cinnabar detail another june 10.jpg
17-Element Cinnabar Droplet Necklace on Oxidized Sterling Silver Chain
from 385.00
Necklace ss 9 droplets overall on white.jpg
9-Droplet Necklace of Mini Sterling Spheres
from 435.00
lavender droplet necklace june 11.jpg
13-Droplet Necklace in Copper-Edged Lavender & Matching Earrings
from 315.00
Cluster Necklace in Peach and Turquoise.jpg
Cluster Necklace in Peach, Turquoise, Lavender & Grey with Magnetic Sterling Silver Clasp
from 635.00
necklace cluster sea green spiral on white.jpg
Cluster Necklace in Sea Green & Hematite
from 735.00
cluster nkl in curry overall on white.jpg
Cluster Necklace in Copper-Edged Citron, Lavender, Red/Vanilla
from 790.00
turq cluster nkl overall on white.jpg
Cluster Necklace in Turquoise, Periwinkle & Charcoal with Magnetic Clasp
from 665.00
red cluster nkl spiral on white may 30.jpg
Cluster Necklace in Turquoise, Red, & Grey with Magnetic Sterling Silver Clasp
from 655.00
pink spiral june 11.jpg
Cluster Necklace in Rose, Turquoise & Grey with Magnetic Sterling Silver Clasp
from 635.00
new lime cluster overall.jpg
Cluster Necklace in Lime, Turquoise, Red/Vanilla & Rose with a Magnetic Sterling Silver Clasp
from 635.00
cube nkl on white overall may 27.jpg
Multicolor Cube Necklace
june 4.5 khaki zig zag overall.jpg
Zig Zag Necklace in Olive Green with Red Flecks
necklace cluster in ochre and slate overall on white.jpg
Cluster Necklace in Ochre & Slate with Magnetic Sterling Silver Clasp
sold out
necklace celestial dark red and sage overall on white.jpg
Celestial Spheres Necklace in Vermilion & Sage with Magnetic Sterling Silver Clasp
Traces Necklace small file size.jpg
"Traces" Necklace
sold out
necklace icosa ss spiral june 10.jpg
Small Starry Sphere Necklace in Sterling Silver with Magnetic Clasp
from 1,095.00
Mini Alhambra Necklace.jpg
Reversible "Mini-Alhambra" Necklace
from 735.00
sold out
Cantilevered_Alhambra_brighter than Carrie.jpg
Reversible Cantilevered Alhambra Necklace
sold out
Medium Alhambra Necklace Five Sections $1250.00 (1).jpg
Reversible 5-Section Alhambra Necklace
from 1,175.00