FROM:  Valerie Hector & David Bacharach


 INTRODUCING:   CraftsPEOPLE: In Their Own Words  (A book of stories written by Craftspeople, to be published in E-book and Print-book formats in February, 2016). 

 All of us share stories when we meet at craft shows. Whether we do the telling or the listening, it’s part of how we live our lives. Yet, we rarely write down our stories making it hard to share them with a wider audience, or preserve them for the future.

 We are asking if you would consider writing your craft world stories down and submitting them for possible inclusion in our forthcoming book, CraftsPEOPLE: In Their Own WordsAny memorable story is welcome. Don’t worry that you’re not a professional writer! Just tell a compelling story, on any craft- or show-related topic.

 The GOAL: to gather and publish stories from the juried craft show world. We intend to edit and publish the book, in print and digital formats, in February 2016. The book will be illustrated with photos from shows past and present, as well as photos of contributing artists and their work. 

 Michael Monroe, a 50-year advocate of the American studio craft movement, has generously agreed to write the Preface.  David Bacharach will write the Introduction, which includes interviews of longtime craft show artists.

 ALL PROFITS WILL BENEFIT CERF (Craft Emergency Relief Fund).

 How can you participate? It’s easy.

 By September 30, 2015, email your story to:

David Bacharach

Valerie Hector

 Your story should be 1000-2000 words long (that’s 3-8 double-spaced pages.)  Don't worry if you feel you can't write. None of us can. We're artists. We specialize in the visual. But we all tell stories. Just write your story down.

 Please include the name of the story at the top of the first page, along with your name, email address and phone number. Crafts people whose submissions are included included in the book will be asked to provide a color image of themselves and 1-2 color images of your work. At least 2 images will be published for each contributing artist.

 Please also consisder submitting images taken at shows or in your studio of yourself, your booth or other subjects of interest.

 Thank you! We are looking forward to working with you.