Fluted Sterling Clip Earrings

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Fluted Sterling Clip Earrings.jpg

Fluted Sterling Clip Earrings

from 295.00

Fluted sterling silver beads, stitched to form star-like clusters, and finished with sterling silver backing plates and clips. The perfect day-to-evening earrings, to dress up or down. 

We can also make this style with 14 Karat Gold Posts. 

With sterling silver clips, $285.00.

With 14 karat gold posts, $325.00.

Please select sterling Silver Clips or 14 Karat Gold Postsm below. 


Clips or Posts:
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In Words: Textured Silver. Gracefully Tailored. 

Materials: Sterling silver beads, back plates and clips.

Dimensions: 3/4" diam. x 1/2" high.

Also available with 14 karat posts with a fit that works best for medium to thick earlobes.

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Photo: Sanders Visual Images