What a Necklace Mockup Looks Like

Sometimes I design pieces on commission.

When I do, communication is important.  To give someone a sense of what a finished piece will look like, I often make 3-d mockups by arranging existing beaded elements.

Above, a mockup of a "Cluster" Necklace in shades of turquoise, azure, periwinkle and sterling silver. I prepared this mockup for longtime client who wanted something fresh for spring-summer wear.  I like to include a few extra elements to show a range of additional possibilities. 

Mockups are not about perfection. They're about conveying the general look of a piece, about starting a conversation. Now we can discuss changes that the clients might request, in which case a second mockup will be called for - or a third or a fourth.  Usually, by the fourth mockup, the piece is finalized.

It's like figuring out a puzzle in which the pieces are beaded beads. I enjoy the challenge of finding the right solution.  A lot depends on the elements I happen to have on hand in the studio - and the ones I have time to make.

To stay true to my aesthetic, I have to be like each and every mockup. Things tend to go wrong when I don't. Over the years I've learned that if I don't like a piece, others won't like it either. 

Once the design is finalized, I'll finish the piece, in this case, with a magnetic sterling silver clasp so it will be easy to wear.

Please feel free to get in touch, if you're in need of a special piece. 

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